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home in latin americaWe are at home in Latin America.

Twenty five years ago, we first visited and met Latin American

We were so impressed, that we came back again and again. Unique experiences, with hospitable and proud people in Sount and Central America have influenced our view of traveling. We call it "authentic travel - alautentico". It is something you expect at home, you're welcome and everyone is pleased, finally seeing you again.

The most important for these are the locally selected contacts, and a typical cultural accommodation on site, that guarantee authentic experience and a high enjoyment factor.

We always try to do completely individual itineraries with special goals. We try to keep the Transfer- times as short as possible to pass the distances that are required for the exploration of such large countries.

Based on years of personal experience in South and Central America, we are characterized by our unique adventure tours through the following points:

  • Authentic nature experiences: Direct Experience of the original nature and its diversity on adventurous expeditions, for example: Safaris in the indian canoe through the rainforest, or a flight in the 5-seats propeller plane over the Tepuis, with hammock accommodation.
  • Personal contact with the native population provides a deeper understanding of the country and people. We learn more about local lifestyle, the culture, the economy, and the social interaction.
  • Culinary pleasure by discovering and tasting the regional specialties, under the motto "from the origin up to the plate", for example: Visit of the production and tasting of rum, cocoa, water buffalo, etc.
  • Visually and kinesthetically, the experience can be through the exercise of respectively preferred sports, like Climbing, horse riding (eg Safari in the Llanos), kayaking, diving, and sailing in the middle of a beautiful scenery. Also relax in the natural wellness oases (hot springs), and the pampering with indigenous massage techniques. So the benefit is possible for all your senses!
  • Individual organization for an optimum utilization of the holiday season: We support our guests personally before/after their holidays, and help them with more efficient scheduling, optimizing the local conditions. Our modular range gives everyone the freedom to set its own priorities.

Our goal: authentic travel!

About Us

Volker, in one of his many travels while studying in Venezuela, met the woman of his life and married. For twenty-five years he has lived in South & Central America, where he is at home with a lot of friends and family. His Posada is probably the best known for secret tips and meeting point for travelers. Volker and his friends know the best spots and the best places in Latin America. And we bring our travelers there. At home, people know each other well.

Minerva is Volker's wife, and mother of the children Nataly and Sebastian. She takes care of our Posada Nena in Santa Ana, Costa Rica and the culinary wellbeing of our guests, the paperwork and much background work. As well, she travels a lot and is responsible for the contacts, we have in every place. 

Samuel is our specialist and consultant in Germany. In addition to a successful video production, he runs his own travel agency for Venezuela, Costa Rica, Panamá, Nicaragua and the Philippines.
With us, he helps with the planning and organizing of the trips in Venezuela, Nicaragua, Panamá and Costa Rica. Three years ago he produced the legendary film “Aventura Venezuela”, soon will be available his second film “Aventura Costa Rica”. He is our counselor and mentor of your trip, and can perfectly empathize with each newly discovered culture, because he grew up as the son of missionaries in the jungles of the Philippines.

Manuel is the personal companion and guide in Venezuela, and also cares friendly for individuals, he provides for us travel modules, without having to do directly another tour with him. Manuel has a talent for languages and speaks English, German, Spanish and three more languages.

Carmen is our alautentico specialist for Nicaragua. In 2002 she fell in love with the continent on her first trip to Latin America and found her great love with Nicaragua. She lives in León, in the north of Nicaragua and has found good friends there, as well as throughout the country. She was given a deeper insight into the culture and society of Nicaragua, as she was working as a social worker in different projects. Through her work in tourism, she has learned to know and love the whole country, knows secret tips and has excelent connections.

Eddy is our alautentico travel companion in Venezuela and Costa Rica. He is familiar with the country and the people, and is therefore the ideal man “on the ground”. After several trips through Latin America in 2005, he lives now in Venezuela, where he initially worked as a mountain guide in the Andes, and also tours in the Llanos, the Gran Sabana, and eventually led tours throughout the country. He is the safest and most recommended guide with his training as a nurse, and his studies in biology, and also because of his love for traveling. Eddy lives in the mountains near Mérida, and works in his free time (after the tourism) in agriculture.

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