The Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica

The Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica extends from Nicaragua to Panamá

Located in the north is the border of Nicaragua in the south there is the border of Panamá

The Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica is very different from the West Coast. The landscape is dominated by mangrove forests and plains, coastal forests and many beaches. The tide is much lower than in the Pacific and the beaches are nicer and cleaner. More than half of the coastline is protected by national parks, including the very attractive Tortuguero National Park. The entire coast is in the province of Limón, whos capital has the same name. This not very attractive city is really important, specially because of the huge container port of Moin, which receives cargo from all around the world. Three quarters of the international cargo traffic in Costa Rica circulates through Moin.

In this region you can see many dark- skinned people. These are immigrants from Caribbean countries (mostly Jamaica), which are partially not able to speak Spanish, so that you can hear a mixture of Spanish / English, also called Papiamiento, on the streets. Some of the original Indian tribes are located here, including the Bribri and the Cabecar that are also homed in the Central Valley.

It is said that on the Caribbean coast it rains a lot, but this is generally not true. Especially the months of February, March, September and October are dry and sunny.

Far in the south, next to Sixaola, there is the border dividing Costa Rica from Panamá, where you can enter to the province of Bocas del Toro and the unique Island paradise. We are happy to assist you with a transfer to Panama.
On the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica, we have a complete offer. We offer hotels, posadas, lodges and guesthouses. We also offer tours, including the spectacular tour to the Tortuguero National Park and wildlife safaris in the mountains of Talamanca; here is to emphasize the National Park “La Amistad”, and the rainforests of the coast. Then the Cahuita Resorts (at the National Park) and Puerto Viejo de Talamanca. Another particularly attractive destination is the Selva Bananito Lodge.

Caiman in Tortuguerovisit Tortuguero National Park

Great tour, gerat wildlife in Costa Rica

The "Tortuguero National Park" is located in the protection zone of Tortuguero

It lies in the northeast of the province of Limon in Costa Rica and is the third most visited national park in Costa Rica, although it can only be reached by boat or plane. In the Tortuguero National Park you will find an insane biological diversity, due to the many different landscapes and climates that can be found here. Tropical rain forests, beaches, alluvium, lagoons, rivers, Caños... to name just a few of the landforms.

Delfine in der KaribikPuerto viejo de Talamanca

Puerto Viejo de Talamanca is a small coastal town in the canton of Talamanca, in southeastern Costa Rica. Puerto Viejo de Talamanca is referred simply as Puerto Viejo, but you have to be careful because other people may confuse it with Puerto Viejo de Saripiqui. Puerto Viejo is a very popular destination for backpackers, known for its great beaches, good waves and loud reggae music.

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