roundtrip Costa RicaOur (round) Tours in Costa Rica

We offer our established principle of an individual tour in Costa Rica.

Individuality will be respected as much as possible. We only operate in the background and prepare everything before we start, by mutual agreement.

The basic idea is that you will not have to waste time by pointless waiting, searching, and dead ends when planning a trip to Costa Rica. We can assist you to truly find the beautiful places in the country by giving you honest, personal advice and inviting you to enjoy an authentic vacation in Costa Rica.

In the following you will be able to find our roundtrip suggestions that we personally tested out beforehand. One of the most important characteristics of our routes are the short cuts between some destinations. The “marathon rides” are avoided, which makes the ride a lot more enjoyable. By mutual agreement, any combination can be selected. We can also organize international tours, such as Costa Rica and Panama, or Costa Rica and Nicaragua.

Of course, we also offer guided tours through Costa Rica. At first we choose a place to start the trip through Costa Rica. With our recommendations we strive to give you the opportunity to experience the country in the most authentic way possible. After choosing a starting point we continue by adding insider tip locations and destinations of your choice. Our classic "contrast Costa Rica" fulfills all these conditions at low cost.


travel with the familyFamily Tour Costa Rica

Travel Costa Rica with kids

Round trip Costa Rica with family

Travelling with the family, you will probably have the need to travel with your own rhythm. Therefore, our individual tours are perfect for families. We combine the individual consultation and planning with a lot of experience, because we ourselves are constantly travelling as a family and have tried everything proposed here. These tours are for children from about 6 years old to well-suited adolescents. We will do some adjustments according to age and preferences.

roundtrip Costa RicaCosta Rica Contrasts

Roundtrip Costa Rica

We recommend the group tour “high contrast Costa Rica” to all those nature loving visitors that want to connect to the real highlights, white stains, authentic secret tips with a well-designed itinerary and comfort, adventure and culinary delights.

You are traveling in very small groups and with a very experienced guide. Between the various destination points, there are almost only short driving distances. The trip is relaxing and there is plenty of time to experience nature, culture and adventure.

Eco Tour Costa Rica5- Days Eco- Tour North of Costa Rica

This is a very special and individual Tour

You will geet the chance to see the real Costa Rica

Die „Agro-ecological Youth Organization of the Northern Zone of Costa Rica (JAZON)“ is working for the benefit of rural people for 14 years now and is a non-commercial organization. Although the term of “Eco- Tourism” is a little misused, here you will live and see the real Costa Rica and come to rural zones, usual tourists never reach.

VIP Costa RicaDeluxe Tour Costa Rica

A luxurious and comfortable round trip through Costa Rica

Costa Rica seems very small at first sight, with just over 50,000 square kilometers, but this is misleading. Costa Rica offers a countless variety of natural attractions and small wonders, so that an extended nature travel is an amazing experience. Our three-week Deluxe Tour offers an originally preserved and protected nature experience, with 5* Deluxe activities, accommodation and gourmet gastronomy.

individual roundtrip Costa RicaCosta Rica Individual

This is our classic, authentic, custom tour through Costa Rica.

We recommend our “Individual Tour” to all those nature loving visitors, who would like to connect to the real highlights, white stains and authentic secret tips with a well-designed itinerary as well as comfort, adventure and culinary delights.

Our unique concept of individual tours has proven itself for over 20 years in Latin America.

caribbean Costa RicaTour to the Caribean of Costa Rica

This module is perfect for the beginning of a trip through Costa Rica and connects 3 major attractions in Costa Rica

Tortuguero National Park, the rain forest in the Caribbean basin at the National Park "la amistad", and the beautiful beaches of the Caribbean of Costa Rica. The duration of the module is flexible and can be elaborated with us.

9 Tage Rundreise Costa Rica8 days and 7 nights in Costa Rica

 Central Valley, Tortuguero National Park, Braulio Carrillo & Arenal Volcano

Requires partly driving on your own - great adventures in Costa Rica

In this indigenous round trip you experience the most important regions of Costa Rica in a wonderful week.  In the Central Valley there is the Irazú volcano and a botanical garden. Near the Caribbean you will see a lot of wildlife in the Tortuguero National Park. At Braulio Carrillo National Park it gets adventurous since you will get the chance to experience the active Arenal volcano. 

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