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A luxurious and comfortable round trip through Costa Rica

Costa Rica seems very small at first sight, with just over 50,000 square kilometers, but this is misleading. Costa Rica offers a countless variety of natural attractions and small wonders, so that an extended nature travel is an amazing experience. Our three-week Deluxe Tour offers an originally preserved and protected nature experience, with 5* Deluxe activities, accommodation and gourmet gastronomy.

Despite all the luxury, come the adventures and nature play an important role in this trip. Recreation can take place also in the experience, a real adventure and physical activity are the ticket to a well-deserved "candle-light dinner" in a natural paradise.

The means of transport are varied, always at its best. From a private, air-conditioned mini-bus to the rusty jeep, up to the rafting raft and the ultra-light helicopter. At this luxury tour nothing is missing.

You have to be aware that Costa Rica is a country where it is worth it to go off the tracks and see a little bit more. These objectives are part of Costa Rica, but are sometimes a little more difficult to reach. We must take certain compromises here in the interests of a top-interesting route, because a part of the trip leads to the hospitable farms in the borders of Nicaragua and to the lovely fishers on the pacific ocean, which are also part of Costa Rica.

This journey follows (with a lot of experience) an extensively, and sophisticated route through (some unknown) highlights from wonders of nature. We use the highest quality accommodations where possible and we guarantee imaginative cuisine and maximum comfort. Exclusive flights and tours are parts of this luxury tour through Costa Rica, where the luxury is the unusual route. Allow yourself to be spoiled and get to know Costa Rica from its best side.

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