Klinik in Costa RicaHealthcare

What you need to know about doctors & hospitals in Costa Rica

Healthcare tips for travelling in Costa Rica 

Costa Rica is a tropical country and because of that there is no possibility to be 100% protected from tropical diseases. But although this has not been a problem in several years, you should inform yourself about the possible risks and take care of yourself. You should not travel without medication. 


buses in Costa RicaTravelling Costa Rica By Bus

In Costa Rica, there is a very good public transport network. This consists primarily of buses and minibuses, the majority of the major destinations in the country is connected to each other. There also are large and modern intercity buses, which are made for long-term travels.

travel to Costa RicaGetting into Costa Rica (Visa?)

Who needs a Visa to travel to Costa Rica?

As a European tourist, you will get to Costa Rica through the Juan Santamaría Airport, which belongs to the capital San José. The airport is located about 20 km northwest of San José, in the small town of Alajuela.
From Germany, Costa Rica may only be reached directly with Condor. The other available airline is Iberia, but if you are flying with them, you will have to change the plane in Madrid. All other airlines have a layover the United States, for which you will need to apply for an ESTA visa that cost you extra money and time. That is why we would recommend to book one of the flight previously mentioned..

colon in Costa RicaHow to pay in Costa Rica?

The currency of Costa Rica is the Colón.

The current exchange rate (June 2015) is around 530 Colón per USD. It is helpful to always have both currencys (USD/Colón) with you. Hotel, trips, taxes and entry fees of national parks possible to pay in USD. Supermarkets, shops, gas-stations, restaurants, etc. prefer the Colón.

car rental in Costa RicaCar rental

The opportunity to travel Costa Rica with a rental car is exceptional

The roads are, if not in the best condition, yet easy to drive, and the orientation is pretty easy thanks to the GPS. We will take care of the booking of your car, and borrowing a GPS. Please fill out the contact form below.

rent a car in costa ricaCar rental in Costa Rica

We help you to rent a car at great value

Where and how will I rent a car for my travelling?

Costa Rica is a great country to explore with a car on your own. Traveling with a rental car, at least for parts of your trip, has a lot of advantages: You will not depend on timetables and you are free to stop wherever you would like to.

GPS and OrientiationFind the Way

How to find your way in Costa Rica?

Orientation in this small country is not difficult. The main road through Costa Rica is the Panamericana, which leads from Tierra del Fuego to Alaska (but is interrupted between Panama and Colombia). The Panamericana connects San Jose to the north of Liberia and Nicaragua and to the south to Panamá.


Kinder und KanuFamiliy vacation Costa Rica

A journey with kids is always exiting. Costa Rica is an adventurous vacation destination with many activities for kids. The flight from Europe takes a long time, about 15 hours, but usually the children are sleeping. We recommend booking an overnight flight, when travelling with children.

domestic flights Costa Ricawhat to bring to Costa Rica?

Besides bringing light clothes for warm days in the tropical country and swimwear for the beach, you should also consider that it rains relatively often in Costa Rica.
We recommend to bring a good raincoat (every Tico always carries an umbrella around and every biker has its rain protection). You should also know that Costa Rica is located in a high area and it can get very cold.

Telephone in Costa RicaCalling in Costa Rica

Costa Rica has the country code +506

All numbers in Costa Rica are 8 digits. No area codes. Numbers starting with 2 or 3 are land- lines, the numbers with 8 are the mobile networks of ICE (Kölbi), the national telephone company. In the end of 2011, due to the free trade agreement TLC, the international competition came. Since October 2011, Movistar (Telefonica, numbers beginning with 6) and Claro (numbers 7) provide their services and other will follow.

domestic flights Costa RicaNational Flights

Costa Rica is not very big

Nevertheless, you must not underestimate the distances, and sometimes because of traffic, poor roads and other uncertainties, it takes quite long to get from A to B on the road. That is why it is a good idea to fly from one place to another. Especially since the national tickets have an attractive price and are carried out by small planes.

coffeeplantation in Costa Ricawhen to travel?

In Costa Rica there are only 2 seasons: Summer and winter

Basically, our winter months are known as summer, which are distinguished by less or no rain. But there is no guarantee it will be dry in such a water-rich country like Costa Rica. When there is summer time in Europe, it is winter time in Costa Rica.

In the rainy season it rains. Yes, sometimes longer. But it surely is not as depressing as it is in Europe. The rain is warm and most of the mornings dry. The rivers have plenty of water at that time, everything is fresh and green and the air is enourmously fresh.

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