the canal of PanamaCanal de Panama

The canal and is currently expanded, so that it is navigable for every huge ocean-going vessels on the world.

The Panama Canal is today - contrary to common misinformation to 100% under the control of Panama.

With the discovery of the Pacific Ocean in 1513 by the Spanish explorer Vasco Balboa, began the dream of a connection between the two world oceans.
Undisputed is the Panama Canal one of the highlights of a visit to Panama and is a must-see when you are in Panama.

Panama Citynumbers & characteristics of Panamá

  • Denomination: Republic von Panama (República de Panama)
  • Capital: Panama- City (Ciudad de Panama)
  • Form of government: presidential republic, which is formally independent since 1903
  • Area: 77,080 sq km
  • Population of Panama: about 3,8 million
  • currency: Panama theoretically has its own currency, the Balboa (B /.). This has a ratio of 1: 1 to the American Dollar, so the Dollar is the common form of payment
  • the highest mountain in Panama is the volcano Baru with 3475 m ü.N

beach in PanamaDestinations in Panama

Undisputed, the Panama Canal is a must visit

It is only one of the highlights to visit in Panama

The canal is not the only destination that is an absolutely must-visit in Panama. Here are some places we really recommend to visit in Panamá.

tour panamarecent history of the republic of Panama

The Spanish conqueror Rodrigues de Bastidas was the first to discover Panamá

He was the first European to travel across the Atlantic to "tierra firme" in Panamá

In 1501 he landed at the height of today's Portobello. Only a year later Christopher Columbus, who was currently on his fourth voyage, arrived in Panama as well. Seven years later, the Spanish crown decided to colonize the area on the Caribbean coast. The colony was named "Castilla del Ora" and Diego de Nicuesa was convened as the first governor.

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