Glücksspiel in Panamaare there diseases in Panama?

When you travel through Panama, you should think about medical prevention

Panama is tropical country, so it is impossible to be 100% protected from tropical diseases.
But with the development of the country, the number of affection decreases.

in Panama unterwegsClimate & travel - time

Panama has, like other countries in Latin America, a dry and a rainy season. The locals call these seasons summer and winter.

In the rainy season, of course, it is raining. It sometimes rains in the dry season as well, but not as frequently. The rain is very different than you might expect it. It is warm and it mostly rains only in the afternoon, meaning that you are not necessarily affected by it, if you are willing to start your day early. The result of the large amount of rain is that the rivers have a lot more water, all of the plants are green and the air is fresh.

In general, Panama is a country you can visit at any time year. For the rainy season might just you need more equipment. We are happy to give more information and help you with planning your journey.

Verkehr in Panamadriving your rental car in Panama

In Panama you have right-hand-traffic, european traffic rules do mostly apply

The traffic is not very stressful, nobody is in rush - except for Panama-City.

It is not necessary to own an international driver's license to be able to rent a car in Panama. A
European license is enough.

Grenze von Panama nach Costa RicaEntry and Visa in Panama

You do not need a Visa for a stay less than 90 days.

Tourists from Europe need to have passports, which are longer than 6 months valid.

Children are also obligated to own a passport with a picture. When going through immigration, make sure that the officer sights the length of stay correctly (Tarjeta Internacional de Embarque/Desembarque).

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